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Please share your reports of interesting happenings at Hall’s Pond Sanctuary and enjoy reading others’ posts. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Some ideas of things to share: animals, birds, flowers, trees, a cool rock, a tree shape, a strange fungus; a change you noticed from one visit to the next or over a period of time; snippets of overheard conversation about the Sanctuary; kids’ reactions. Write up something you find curious or awesome. Ask questions about something you saw or heard, or anything that HPS make you wonder about.

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51 Sightings

  • Neil Gore

    Took a walk thru the Sanctuary this AM: mild, sunny, upper 40’s—a delightful late winter day (I’m not saying early spring just yet). A harbinger of spring to come was a flock of Common Grackles, perhaps the earliest migrant. Chickadee, Titmouse(s), and Blue Jays were active. A little greenish-yellow tint on the willows, and some bright red buds starting to open on a maple. A little of the Amory Woods boardwalk is slightly under water, what with 3″ above average precipitation so far in 2018. Sanctuary looks in good shape!

    • Date(s): February 24, 2018
    • Deborah Stone

      Who says there’s no color in the dead of winter? Check out these Red Osier Dogwood branches growing against the fence to the left of the gate nearest Beacon Street.

      Look around and you’ll find some more clumps of Red Osier growing elsewhere in the sanctuary. The shrub grows characteristically gangly and unruly, but it’s so lovable for its brilliant winter color.

      • Date(s): February 2, 2018
    • jhawk1729

      Barred Owl.
      3:15pm, 12/26/17

      • Date(s): 12/26/2017
    • Nate Dow

      Somebody is warm and cozy inside …

      • Date(s): 12/10/2017
    • Nate Dow

      The only thing sighted on the water surface today was the golden winter sun.

      • Date(s): 12/10/2017