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  • 2018 December Newsletter

    2018 December Newsletter

    THE AUGUST DOLDRUMS hit Hall’s Pond hard, with unusually hot and humid afternoons. Not a bird in sight—a sad situation for an avid birder. As I stood on the north boardwalk platform, all I could think of was the heat. Staring down at the water I started to notice abundant life.

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  • See & Share Sightings

    See & Share Sightings

    Please share your reports of interesting happenings at Hall’s Pond Sanctuary and enjoy reading others’ posts. Click on any photo to enlarge it. Some ideas of things to share: animals, […]

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  • (Deborah Stone)

    December 2017 Newsletter

    Walk down Beacon Street from Coolidge Corner alongside the westering winter sun.

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  • American Robin eating fruit of a Winter King hawthorn in the formal garden. Photo Credit: David Lucal


    Photographs: Pond Birds, Amory Woods; Garden Sanctuary
    Check back for latest photos of Sanctuary wildlife, Amory Woods and the Garden Sanctuary!

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