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  • History of Cottage Farm and Hall’s Pond” by Ferris Hall

    History of Cottage Farm and Hall’s Pond” by Ferris Hall

    Slides presented at Friends of Hall’s Pond Annual Meeting, June 2019

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  • Red-tailed Hawk in nearby Fenway Victory Garden. Photo by Courtney Allender

    2021 December Newsletter

    When COVID struck, Hall’s Pond was one of the few places people felt safe getting outside and a steady stream of visitors visited the Sanctuary at a much increased tempo, deriving delight from nature.

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  • Weeping Willows hug the boardwalk and provide both bug-fest for
migrating warblers and shade for pond-perusers and warbler-watchers.

    2022 December Newsletter

    OVER the years, the seasons at Hall’s Pond are similar, yet each year has its own signature. If 2021 was wet, 2022 was marked by a drought that deepened over the summer and only let go with the autumn rains. Even so, the Sanctuary held up fairly well, confirming the wisdom of planting with an eye towards drought resistance.

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  • See & Share Sightings

    See & Share Sightings

    Please share your reports of interesting happenings at Hall’s Pond Sanctuary and enjoy reading others’ posts.

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  • Community Work Days

    Community Work Days

    Each spring and fall the Friends organize work parties to remove trash, and invasive plants and restore the sanctuary with new plantings.

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  • Fred (in blue cap) often leads birding walks right here at Hall’s Pond.

    Bird Walks at Hall’s Pond

    Birds year round at Hall’s Pond include many regulars. Herring Gulls overhead. Starlings, Pigeons and Mourning Doves on the ball-field. Bright-red Cardinals wheet-wheeting in the trees, House Sparrows chirping in the bushes. The local Red-tailed Hawk being pestered by crows and jays.

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  • American Robin eating fruit of a Winter King hawthorn in the formal garden. Photo Credit: David Lucal


    Photographs: Pond Birds, Amory Woods; Garden Sanctuary
    Check back for latest photos of Sanctuary wildlife, Amory Woods and the Garden Sanctuary!

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