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Conservation Area Rules and Regulations

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See below for General Guidelines

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8c, as amended, the following rules and regulations governing the use of all the Town of Brookline Conservation Areas under the management of the Conservation Commission of the Town of Brookline have been adopted to insure appropriate use of the areas for the enjoyment and general welfare of the public while protecting the areas in their natural states to serve as wildlife refuges.

1. Sanctuaries and conservation lands are open to all, free of charge, from one hour before sunrise until one hour   after sunset.
2. Individuals are welcome for nature study or quiet exploration. Activities which could interfere with quiet observation by other visitors are not allowed. Prohibited recreational activities include: riding bikes, jogging, running, active exercise workouts, sports, and active games.
3. Groups planning to visit the sanctuaries should apply for a permit from the Conservation Commission.

4. No dogs, pets, or domestic animals are permitted, except service animals for persons with disabilities.
5. No animals – neither native nor non-native animals – may be released in the sanctuary.
6. Do not feed the animals or leave food for them. Do not disrupt, harm, collect, chase, or harass any animals in the sanctuary. Animals protected include insects and other invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
7. Do not plant any seeds or plants in the sanctuary. Do not leave any parts of plants, whether living or dead.
8. Plants may not be collected, damaged or disrupted. Visitors may not pick flowers or collect seeds or any other parts of plants, whether living or dead. Mushrooms and other fungus, moss, lichens, and algae are likewise protected.
9. Soil, rocks, sand, water, and all other parts of the environment may not be collected, removed, rearranged, or damaged.
10. Any actions that pollute or cause disruption to streams, ponds, wetlands, culverts, drains, or stormwater management structures are prohibited.

11. Stay on the trails. Do not create new trails.
12. No motorized vehicles or wheeled vehicles are allowed, except baby-strollers and wheelchairs or equipment needed by individuals with disabilities.
13. Shelters, playhouses, signs, memorials, or other structures may not be built or left on sanctuary lands, without prior written permission of the Conservation Commission. Neither structures made of materials found on the sanctuary nor those made from other sources are permitted.
14. Smoking is prohibited. No fires, barbecues, cook stoves, candles, firecrackers, or other fires are allowed.
15. Do not damage, deface, or remove boardwalks, signs, or structures that are part of the sanctuary.
16. Dumping and littering are prohibited. Do not leave trash or organic material in the sanctuaries or on the edges of sanctuaries.
17. Camping and overnight use are prohibited.
18. Swimming, boating, and ice skating are not permitted.
19. Firearms and any other weapons are prohibited. Hunting, fishing, and trapping are prohibited.
20. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited.
21. No one is permitted to sell or distribute goods or services, or advertise, distribute circulars, leave posters, or conduct business in the sanctuaries.

Violations of any of the aforesaid rules and regulations is punishable under the provisions of General Laws Chapter 45, Section 24, as amended, which reads as follows: “Whoever violates any rule or regulation for the government or use of any land taken or held under this chapter or for like purposes of any special act, and made under authority of law by any board or officer in charge thereof, shall be punishable by a fine of not more than two hundred dollars.”

Conservation Area General Guidelines
Visit  with Care
Visit during daylight hours.
Try not to disturb or change any part of nature.
Ask the Conservation Commission for group permits and special requests.
Protect the Plants and Animals
Do not bring plants or animals into the sanctuary:
Leave dogs and other pets at home.
Do not release animals in the sanctuary.
Do not plant anything here.
Let the plants and animals live their own way:
Please do not disturb the plants and animals or their habitat.
Do not feed the animals – it is not healthy for them.
Do not take any plants or animals home with you.
Preserve the Sanctuary Environment
Leave the environment the way it should be:
Stay on the trails.
Carry out trash.
Do not change the soil, rocks, dead trees, or other parts of the land.
Keep our wetlands clean and healthy.
Do not put signs, structures, memorials or anything else here.
Respect Other Visitors
Give other visitors a chance to observe nature quietly:
Walk quietly, talk quietly, enjoy nature.
Do not run, ride your bike, or play sports.
Do not smoke or use alcohol or illegal drugs here.
Be Safe
Do not swim, boat, or ice skate here.
Do not bring firearms or weapons into the sanctuary.
Stay out of the sanctuary at night.

To report violations or problems, please call the Commission’s office at (617) 730-2088 during normal business hours. To report serious issues, such as a health or safety issues, or for emergencies at any time, please contact the Police Department at (617) 730-2222.