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  • Photo Credit: Bruce Wolff

    Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter

    As we WELCOME Spring and Summer at the sanctuary, we ask you, as always, to join us in our involvement and investment at this special Brookline resource. Come visit often, become involved with our Community Days and Volunteer Horticultural Crew Initiatives, attend our Annual Meeting, continue to take photographs and please do send your funds to support our purchase and planting of trees and shrubs.

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  • Red-tailed Hawlk 
Photo Credit: Shawn Carey

    Spring/Summer 2012 Newsletter

    Entering our 37th year as the volunteer stewards of Hall’s Pond Nature Sanctuary, we dedicate this issue of the Newsletter to the very special people who preserved and protected this unique urban resource.

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  • Fall/Winter 2011 Newsletter

    Fall/Winter 2011 Newsletter

    In “The Nature Principle,” Richard Louv writes, “A meaningful connection to nature is fundamental to our spirit and survival, as individuals and as a species….. Our Society must do more than talk about the importance of nature; it must ensure that people in every kind of neighborhood have every day access to natural spaces, places and experiences.”

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  • Photo Contest Poster May 2011

    May 2011 Photo Contest Winners poster

    The Photography Contest was a component of the Celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the founding of the Friends of Hall’s Pond.

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  • Sanctuary in 2006, after the 2001–02 renovation had grown in. Photo Credit:  Deborah Raptopoulos

    Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter

    Celebrating 35 Years of Stewardship at Hall’s Pond Nature Sanctuary

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  • Past and current Presidents Janice Provencher, Ellen Forrester, Betsy Shure Gross, and Barbara Mackey. Photo Credit: Bruce Wolff

    Fall/Winter 2009 Newsletter

    On behalf of The Board of Directors of The Friends of Hall’s Pond, we want to welcome all who use Hall’s Pond Nature Sanctuary, to thank our wonderful very special Volunteers, and note our appreciation to the Brookline Conservation Commission Commissioners and to their staff, Tom Brady and Heather Charles for their untiring efforts on behalf of this unique Brookline resource. We are proud to be your partners in the protection and preservation of Hall’s Pond.

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  • Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter

    Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter

    At the spring 2009 community work day, the Friends of Hall’s Pond undertook the planting of shrubs and trees, in one of the largest planting efforts since the renovation of the sanctuary completed in 2002. Included among these plants were Atlantic white cedars, once one of the dominant species in the original wetland but absent from Hall’s Pond for many years. The return of cedars to Hall’s Pond is another step forward, led by the Friends, in improving the quality and diversity of the sanctuary habitat.

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  • Spring/Summer 2008 Newsletter

    Spring/Summer 2008 Newsletter

    WHEN YOU’RE BROWSING through the Sanctuary over Spring and Summer, some of its avian denizens are obvious by their large size or busy activity. On the open water are the nesting Canada Geese and Mallards. The 4-foot Great Blue Heron is our hoary mascot, the ‘old man of the pond.’ On the Beacon Street side, a gaggle of House ‘Sparrows’ (really émigré weaver finches) chirpily greet you.

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  • Fall/Winter 2008 Newsletter

    Fall/Winter 2008 Newsletter

    Hues and Rustles Winter’s nearly upon us, so it’s time to roll up the boardwalk until spring. Or is it? Winter’s bark is worse than its bite, and far softer than the baleful baying of the weather reporters of the everbleak outlook. So, get out and enjoy the winter, whatever the weather. Lord knows our feathered friends always make the best of it with good cheer. Birds and small mammals forage avidly in the snow, and Hall’s Pond usually enjoys lively wildlife from November through March.

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  • Fall/Winter 2007 Newsletter

    Fall/Winter 2007 Newsletter

    WINTER BIRDWATCHING in New England is exceptionally exciting, my favorite season, after Spring. Birds come right to your feeders, show themselves easily in bare woods. Ocean and lake ducks fly down from Canada in vast numbers; you can scope or binoc them, or eyeball some (Mergansers, Canvasbacks, Scaup, Ring-necks, Ruddies) at Hall’s Pond or Fresh Pond in Cambridge.

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